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Several of the most popular diets suggest eating plenty of proteins and very little of carbohydrate food. In fact, what they suggest is daily menu consisted of 30 to 50% of protein-calories and the rest of daily intake coming from fats and carbohydrates. These diets should enable loss of excess weight and maintenance of current weight (if the person doesn’t have to lose any weight).No Carb and Medium Carb Vegetables

In order to follow low carbohydrate diet, you must know what amount of carbohydrates exist in different foods, especially vegetables. Vegetables may have no carbohydrates, medium amount of carbs or be classified to have high amount of carbohydrates. When following low carb diet, you can always take another portion of vegetables such as lettuce, mushrooms, watercress or horseradish, for these vegetables have no carbohydrates in them. Also, you can add more broccoli, celery, fennel, cucumber, peppers, spinach or asparagus and you can rest assured you haven’t eaten any carbohydrates.

Medium carbohydrate vegetables contain some carbs, as the name suggests. You can eat those, even on a low carb diet, but pay attention and don’t exaggerate. Moderate amounts of medium carb vegetables such as tomatoes, cauliflower, cabbage, leeks or okra won’t interfere much with your diet as long as you don’t eat too much of it.

Starchy Vegetables

High carbohydrate vegetables are also known as starchy vegetables and these contain the complex carbohydrates. If you are going to follow a strict low carb diet for weight loss these vegetables should be kept away from your table.

Beans are considered to be vegetables with the highest amount of carbohydrates there are, but corn, yam, sweet potato, regular potato, parsnips and peas also contain plenty of carbs and must be avoided completely.

The beans contain different percent of carbs, depending on the type. Half of a cup of black eyed peas contains 22% of carbohydrates. The highest amount of carbs can be found in 1 cup of navy beans (48% of carbs), or the same amount of white beans (45%) or pinto beans (these contain some 44% of carbohydrates). Chick peas or Garbanzo beans also contain plenty of carbs, some 45%. Refried beans and lima beans contain about 20% of carbs, while green peas contain some 12% of carbohydrates.

As mentioned, carbs are also found in abundance in some other vegetables besides beans. Potato and sweet potato contain about 30% of carbohydrates, while corn and three-bean salad usually have 20% of carbs. Carrot is also found to have some 8% of carbohydrates.

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