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Summer vegetables facts

Modern science makes it possible for people to eat vegetables and fruits throughout the year, no matter what their season of growth is. Of course, everybody agrees that it is best to eat them when it is their season. If for no other reason, than because of the taste. Since summer is a season that is particularly rich with fruits and vegetables, people should make the best of it and use the opportunity to eat them as much as possible. Those who are just starting to grow something in a garden of their own should check what fruits and vegetables are best to grow in summer.

Summer vegetables

There are plenty of vegetables and fruits that people can grow during the long summer months like arugula, avocados, asparagus, beans and broccoli. There are also things like beets, collards, corn, cucumber, eggplant and garlic. Vegetables like kohlrabi, mushrooms, nectarines, okra, onions and peas should also be mentioned along with, peppers, potatoes, radicchio, rhubarb or shallots. For the list to be completed, you should know that, you can grow squash, Swiss chard, tomatoes and zucchini as well.

Summer vegetables – facts and benefits

Arugula is in the mustard family of vegetables, it is a green leafy vegetable. In addition, it is a pretty healthy vegetable because of all the vitamin, C and A, along with calcium, magnesium and folate that arugula has, in abundance. It is an ideal vegetable for those who need to take care of their weight because it has very few calories. This vegetable can be consumed either raw or cooked. When cooked, it is usually with oil.

Broad beans and green beans are summer beans. Both broad and green beans are pretty low in calories and have lots of proteins and fibers. If a person eats a lot of beans, he or she should definitely consider growing them instead of buying them in the store. This is because those in stores have less nutrients and are processed.

A lot of iron, vitamin C, fiber and folate can be found in beets. Pregnant women should definitely consider adding beets to their meals. This is because beets lessen the chances of some health problems in newborns. Apart from this, people who suffer from constipation, gall bladder problems, headache and blood pressure which is above normal should eat beets because it can make a difference.

Another vegetable which is great for those who are trying to loose weight is cucumber. Apart from this, cucumber can help with some skin problems like sunburns, puffy eyes and dark circles. This is because this vegetable contains a lot of water.

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