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If anyone says that losing weight is easy, well, good for them! But most of people are having trouble with it, because it is not so easy as it might seem in theory. That theory says that reducing the intake of calories and spending more calories than eaten will easily lead to losing weight and that is true. The problem is that in order to make that happen, a person has to deal with the worst enemy – his or her inner self. What does that mean?

Weight issues

The problem in weight is in the bad habits that people develop over years. It is not just about overeating and eating junk food, it is about being inactive and about eventually losing interest regarding the shape of the body. Well, the shape is not as important as what comes with a good shape, and that is a healthy status of the organism, which is the main key for having a long and quality life. So what has to be done? Most of people do have very bad eating habits. Can that change over one night? Of course it cannot. Something else is needed and it refers to a gradual change, slow elimination of bad food and introduction of healthy food instead. No one said that excessive weight has to go in the matter of weeks with some extreme measures. If someone can do that, fine, great actually. But we live in a world full of stress and applying those difficult rules and restrictions might be very hard. So, take it step by step.

First, cutting down sugar is essential, and not all at once, but reducing the amount off sugar to half is a good start. When a person does not feel the urge for sugar with this new amount, it goes down in half again. And so on and on until the amount of sugar taken is really minimal. This can be applied with all the junk food as well.

Physical activity

No weights, gym, excessive sweating and exhaustion is needed. Take a walk each and every day, a brisk stroll from job to home and that will do just fine. It might not burn a lot of calories, but it will activate the basal metabolism, shape up those passive muscles and prepare a person for something more when that person feels ready for it and not before. Always, always, always ask for help. It might be a friend, a nutritionist, a gym instructor, but listen to everyone who might be able to help you. Maybe a friend is not an expert, but a word of support is always welcomed.

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