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Losing weight is easy as long as you keep this in mind –follow three simple rules to lose weight and feel good about you. Those rulesare: eat less, exercise more and always try to eliminate stress from your life.This might seem easy, but it does require some practice. When it comes todieting and exercising, those are practical things and can become habits easily.The problem is in the third rule. For some people it might seem impossible tostay calm and not to stress out because of the everyday problems. But if aperson really applies dieting and exercising properly, than this rule will beeasily followed. And as the weight goes down, reducing stress will become eveneasier. Why is stress such a problem?

Dealing with stress

Stress accumulates daily, usually during a daily job, and mostof people take that stress home, where it can cause additional problems. Andwhat is worse, most of those people try to kill that stress with a lot of food,which creates more problems. For this, exercising is a perfect countermeasure.It reduces weight and definitely eliminates stress and negative energy. It is said that when the body is exhausted, the mind simply eliminates the stress. Also, since exercising induces self-confidence, a mind will deal with the source of the stress more easily.

Physical activity can be moderate and intensive. A briskwalk through the park or from work to home can be considered as a moderateactivity, while the use of weights and intensive cardio belong to the intensive workout.A chosen activity must complement the current physical shape of a person. Peoplewith extreme obesity might have problems with intensive exercising, so theyshould start with something easier.


Dieting and physical activity should create a perfect harmony.Energy input gained with dieting must be enough to satisfy the needs of dailyactivities, but not too much because fat burning process must not be stopped. Manypeople make a mistake here and reduce the energy intake because of the desire toget to the attractive body as soon as possible. If the energy intake is toolow, the exhaustion will emerge and that will set back a person physically. That iswhy it would be smart to start exercising in a gym, at least in the beginning. Thereare a lot of people with similar desires and there is always someone who cangive good advice when it comes to exercising. As for food, so-called foodpyramid should be used because it explains which food types can be used in bigamounts and which ones should be avoided at all cost.

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