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Decreasing the extra weight is one of the major problems today. There are literally hundreds of diets available, and just as many exercises types that try to explain how through physical activity fat is lost. And of course, there are supplements that help this process. But the main thing that is needed to know when it comes to healthy weight loss is that it simply cannot happen over night. Excessive weight did not accumulate over a couple of weeks or months; years were needed to gain that obnoxious extra fat, which means that at least similar amount of time is needed to eliminate it from the body.

Importance of healthy rate of weight loss

Healthy rate of weight loss is also important, because rigorous diets are depriving a body from much needed energy for everyday activities and that is not good. Energy intake should be less than energy spent, but the difference should not be big, not at all. Some recommended values are about 250 calories. That difference could be achieved with a diet or with exercises. Ideal healthy rate of weight loss should be achieved with combining both, exercises and the diets. None of each should be intensive, at least in the beginning, and afterwards, when the body becomes used to physical strain, exercises can be increased and that can even turn into something like body fitness for example. But, that is a completely advanced level and to get there, a lot of time and discipline is needed.

Maintaining a healthy rate is also important because if diet effects are sudden and strong, the so-called weigh loss plateau emerges. That is the point when losing weight stops or at least slows down significantly, which can disappoint a person so much they will return to old eating habits. Also, it is good to know that hard exercises increase muscle mass, which is very heavy and which can make a false impression that weight is not reducing (what is really happening is that muscles are changing places with fat).

As for diets, recommended meals should include all basic type foods, but without the junk food. This might be the trickiest part, letting go of all that food that is making our minds satisfied, even more than our bodies. When that is achieved, losing weight will come easy. Healthy weight loss rate is about one, one and a half pound a week. Even half a pound and two pounds are considered normal. Less than that, you can intensify exercises, whereas more than that, a diet might be a bit too strict.

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