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Living with cardiovascular problems

Cardiovascular diseases represent the most frequent type of illness nowadays. Main causes of this illness are stress, improper diet and modern way of living. We are going to introduce you with post and pre-heart surgery diets, which can serve to patients who are about to undergo heart surgery.

Person who suffers from diseases related to the heart, must take care of the life habits and proper diet. Patient must be aware of certain changes that must take a place. One of them represents introducing with the proper diet. First of all, patient must know that keeping the body weight in normal limits is essentially important as prevention of the dangerous diseases such as heart attack. Levels of cholesterol and insulin concentrated in the blood must be kept balanced.

Preparing for the surgery

Pre-heart surgery diet provides patients to enter surgery in healthy condition. This diet is crucial because reduces the chances of complications appearing during the operation. Nutrients which are recommended in this diet are healthy low-calories carbohydrates such as whole-wheat bread and pasta, chicken without skin, lean parts of pork and beef, olive oil, all kinds of fresh vegetables, fish and so on. Every meal should be prepared without fat and with less salt as possible.

Patients in this conditions must avoid certain things such as consuming of alcohol, coffee and smoking. There are also some foods which are harmful for these patients : greasy salad dressings, fried food, greasy sauces, butter, sour cream, canned vegetables, vegetable oil, fatty meats, red meat, dairy products with high fat, and so on. Also, harmful food is one with high level of cholesterol (made by frying), with added salt. If patient suffers from diabetes too, the food which is consisted of sugar and fructose must be avoided.

Post surgery diet

Post surgery diet is the same as pre-surgery diet, only with few added nutrients. It includes also whole grains, nuts, seeds and fruits. In first few days of the recovery, the required energy will be provided through saline only. After that, next step considers adding water and other beverages to the consumption. Later, when doctor decide that patient is ready for the solid food, small meals can be given every few hours. First solid food meals are good to be consisted only of fruits and vegetables. Last step considers addition of the proteins to the meal and should be performed one week after the surgery. After that patient is ready to live normal life with proper diet.

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