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So you've got a bit too much fat on the hips? Damn, there are few places on the body where even a little extra makes you look way too fat. Hips on a woman are already wide and adding some extra goes into domain of optical illusions. You look even wider, looking wider makes you look shorter, and you seem to be not just fat, but disproportionate. Definitely, something should be done about excess fat on the hips. But wishing will get us nowhere, or we would all be slim and fit. Here are some steps that will help you do much more than just loose that bit of fat that stuck to the sides. Most important thing in the process is to stay determined. Giving up is easy and it makes all that effort you put in

Path to slim hips

First thing to do is to change your dietary habits. A diet plan, such as 'loose this amount of weight in so many days' is not going to work. Well, you will loose weight but if you go back to your old eating habits once you reach your goal weight, all that you lost will just hop right back on you. That was not the point of all that suffering, right? Change your diet and make that your new lifestyle. Your diet should not exclude all carbohydrates and fats, just the bad kind of those. Whole grain bread and pasta and rice are good to eat. Fats such as in fish and various plant oils are OK. Meat, fish and poultry will provide you with proteins. Fruit and vegetables will supply you with complex carbohydrates (the good kind, simple ones like sugar are bad) and fiber.

Avoid processed foods; they are overloaded with bad kind of fat and simple sugars. Also, all food is better when it is less preparation steps apart from its original state. In example, fresh is always better than canned.

Next thing to do is to help that fat burn quicker, and you bet that is not going to happen if you sit around all day. If you are completely out of line, first force yourself to use your body more. Walking more and choosing to walk when you can drive or take a ride is a good way to start. Then, work out your whole body. Targeting just one area (in this case, hips) won't help, as fat can not be burned just form one region. It must be done system-wide, and the more muscles you use, the quicker the fat burnout.

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