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Neck fat is typical in obese or overweight persons. The truth it that floppy mass that surrounds the neck is embarrassing. It makes anything you wear look bad, it makes you look older, and it draws those unpleasant stares. Good news is, everybody can get rid of it. Here is what to do.

Eat healthy

We accumulate fat when we eat more than we need. Some foods are virtually straight-to-fat, and you should avoid them at all times. For starters, these would be foods with high content of simple carbohydrates. Most common and most abused simple carbohydrate is common sugar. Lots of stuff comes packed with sugar and hence packed with calories. These are foods like chocolates, candies, pastries, cakes, desserts and ice creams. Saturated fats not only tend to add to your existing reserves, they also clog blood vessels and can thus cause all kinds of problems. Foods abundant with saturated fats are, among others, snacks, fat meats (pork, lamb, fat, chicken), fried food, cookies, cheese, crackers, eggs, and butter.

Good foods to include in diet for loosing neck fat are whole wheat bread, oatmeal, almonds, fruit and vegetables and brown rice. These are high in fiber, which acts beneficially on removal of excess fat from the organism and from the neck as well.


Unfortunately, diet serves only one purpose. A good diet means that what you consume and what you spend is balanced or very slightly, if you are loosing weight, biased towards the calorie loss. Starvation diets do not work, they actually backfire. So, a proper diet would lead to a very slow loss, and we would prefer results sooner than that. That's where exercise kicks in.

Basic neck exercises

Side tilt

You can do this while sitting or standing. Tilt your head to one side until you feel muscles on the other side tighten. Keep your head in that position for 10 seconds, return it to the starting position and tilt it to the other side in the same way.

Back and front tilt

Slowly bend your head to press your chin on the chest bone, keep it there for two seconds, than throw it back as if to see something directly overhead. Repeat.

Side resistance

Similar to side tilt, only here you use your palm to resist the tilting.


In some cases, even proper diet and regular exercise cannot do away with excess neck fat. The only solution to this problem is liposuction, procedure in which fat is basically vacuumed from the desired area. It involves injecting the solution that will detach fat cells from other tissues and sucking them out through a small tube.

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