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High level of cholesterol in your blood can have very serious effects on your health, it can provoke coronary, heart and blood vessels problems, diabetes, and many more. Changing your daily habits and more, your diet and a way of life is critically important, and sooner you start, better off you will be.

There are a number of things that you can apply or change in your life style, and most of them are in the areas of diet, your eating and cooking practice, and exercise. Instead of frying, try to steam or boil your food, in order not to use extra fat.

You should also quit smoking, because of all nasty side effects it produces, and try to move more. That means that you should in addition to you daily exercises, walk more, instead using you car, and lead more active life.

Regular daily sets of exercises are must, in order for you to maintain your health, and they can be aerobics, or walking for an half hour each day.

Diet is, besides exercises, most important thing in lowering your blood cholesterol. There are number of changes and additions to your eating habits, and here is some of them;

Despite general opinion, eggs are not necessary bad for your cholesterol. You can include them sometimes in your diet, providing that you leave out some other cholesterol rich food.

You should also try not eat organic meats, or if you do, try with smaller portions. Meat is rich with saturated fats, and you should keep your portions in under three pounds, per meal.

Make whole grains food center peace of your meal, and also try to intake more fiber rich food. Barns and fruits are proven to lower the level of cholesterol in blood.

You should also try to stay away from trans and saturated fats. For detailed information about food groups, and their cholesterol levels, you should consult your dietitian. Trans fat can be found in margarines and processed baked goods, while saturated fats, which are most important of all supplements for your blood cholesterol, can be found in whole milk dairy products, poultry skin, red meat, etc.

Fish is very healthy for your diet, and also is complex carbohydrates. Dried beans, vegetables, fruits, brown rice and others are very rich in complex carbohydrates.

You should also try to adjust your diet to resemble vegetarian, as much as possible, and instead of sunflower oil, try to use palm or coconut oil in your diet.

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