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Slight adaptations of your habits can go a long way in fighting oversize stomach. Long term incorporation of just some the following advices into your lifestyle will show a positive effect on both your figure and your well-being.

Consumption for combustion

Double the number of meals; try five or six a day. Trick is to keep them small. It is a more efficient to process smaller amounts of consumed food and it is also going to boost your metabolism. Include more proteins in meals - it is "inefficient" to process protein as their digestion burns more calories than digestion of fats or carbohydrates. Good protein sources are chicken, fish, dairy, red meats without fat, etc.

Include more fiber in diet as well. It gives a lot of "full" sensation that also lasts, but not much calories to match the feeling of being stuffed. Also, drink more water - it helps flush the organism of waste metabolic products (these are removed by urine, not by feces). Try to drink six to eight 8 oz. glasses every day, and keep a water bottle around so you can sip anytime.

Keep it in check

First, try not to become hungry - humans are hard-wired to eat more than is needed and this urge increases when we are hungry, as do the starving prevention metabolic mechanisms, which kick in and transform as much of the meal into fat deposit for rainy days when you are hungry. Dining at the restaurant? Order a smaller portion.

Super size meals will super size your fat deposits as well. Also, keep in mind that it takes some time for the brain to register that we have eaten enough and that no more is needed. So, wait at least twenty minutes before ordering another serving - or, if at home, taking another dish.

Waste some time to waste some fat

Avoid elevators, opt for stairs. Try to walk a bus stop or two. Consider walking to the grocery. It will take more time to walk than to drive, but it will also take more fat away from your "investment". Also, try to be inefficient around your house. Need to move few things from one place to the other? Carry one thing at a time. Yes, you can carry it all at once, of course, but that way you will not walk as much.

Cheat so that you don't

Diets are strict and impose a lot of rules that just crave to be broken, don't they? Well, it is just fine to break them, but with some style. Do not give in to temptation. Plan your cheats. It is bad to nib just a tiny piece of chocolate after a meal. But it is good to plan to, let's say, go out and treat yourself with an ice-cream cup two days from now. In that way, you are reinforcing the planned diet habits and avoiding all the "just this" traps that lead to failed attempts at sticking to a diet.

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