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IntroductionThis article will give you a list of easy ways to lose the fat and build muscles. You will need about 8 weeks to see results these guidelines are followed. Still, lifestyle changes are necessary for long lasting effects. Definitely there is a difference between women and men in sense that women tend to have more fat and less muscle due to hormones but the same approach is used for both.

Building muscleIn the beginning, you need to become stronger and it can be achieved by exercise. Barbell exercises like squats, dead lifts and overhead press aim at number of muscles. First, you have to learn proper technique. Weight has to be slowly increased.

Nutrition has to be healthy in order to build muscle mass and get stronger. Avoid fast food and soda. Consume raw food as much as possible. Meals should consist of: Proteins (1g/1lbs). Meat, eggs, poultry and fish are rich in proteins. Fat. Best choice is balanced omega 3,6 and 9 fat. It can be found in fish and olive oil as well as in saturated fat. Vegetables. All vegetables are good for you particularly green vegetables rich in fibers. Fruits. All fruits should be included in you diet and can be taken with every meal. Water. 1 liter of water is necessary for every spent 1000 calories. Cereals, bread, pasta etc and whole grain food.Vegetarians and vegans can build muscle with their regime of nutrition though results may not be as good as with those who consume meat. Red meat increases level of testosterone in body which is necessary for building muscle.

Losing fatIf you practice strength training apart from building muscle you will get rid of body fat. Cardio exercises are very helpful because it burns fat. Cardio should be done half an hour after strength training and optimally three times a week. Also, one has to reduce calories. First food consumption need to be monitored using Fitday. In the beginning you should eat 18x your current weight in lbs and following week you cut 500kcal. If you lose some weight week after that, continue eating equal quanity of calories, if not then you have to reduce another 500kcal. Starving is certainly dangerous and produces the opposite effect of wanted, body burns muscle and keeps the fat. Steroids are specially dangerous and must be avoided.

All in all, monitoring results can keep you motivated. It can be done by taking pictures every month, measuring body fat with fat caliper and body weight with scale one a week, doing blood test and keeping journals.

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