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Tricks for Losing Weight That Really Work

It is well known that the only way to lose weight is to exercise and, more importantly, to eat less. But, scientists say that there is more tricks that can help in achieving the ideal body figure. It has been proven that laughter consumes calories. Sincere laughing for about 10 to 15 minutes a day, will burn 280 calories per week.

People who attend acupuncture one time per week, for three months will lose an additional 4.5 pounds. Pricking the certain body points will control appetite.

Every morning you should drink a cup of yogurt with half of a teaspoon of cinnamon. Cinnamon stimulates metabolism, and only half of a teaspoon a day is enough to "burn" extra kilogram per month.

You shouldn't eat at the desk in the office. If a person has a lunch on some other place, he/she will enter on average 250 calories less than those who eat on the job.

Additional things you may do

Studies have shown that a glass of carrot juice a day helps in losing about two pounds in 12 weeks. This is possible because carrot is rich in fiber and nutrients that help in burning fat.

By taking calcium, person will lose 2.6 percent more fat.

Eating red meat, which is rich in proteins, builds muscle mass. Muscles spend four times more energy than fat.

Exercising together with friends brings a lot of fun, making physical effort bearable, which provides better weight loss effects.

Hot peppers should be included in the diet. They contain capsaicin which speeds up metabolism in 25 percent.

Stress is the most common cause of overeating. If a person gets upset, he/she should try to breathe deeply for two minutes, focusing on the diaphragm, rather than to eat something sweet.

Exercising as soon as person gets up boosts metabolism at the beginning of the day.

Eating less doesn't mean skipping meals. This also includes having snacks twice a day. Snack should have the energy value of about 250 calories. Following this rule will increase the chances to lose weight in 30 per cent.

If a person enjoys to eat in front of TV he/she will not register a sense of fullness on time. Removing this habit from everyday life will provide losing 3.5 pounds a year.

Walking on the track is an exercise that consumes the most calories in the shortest time.

Red wine is rich in reservatol – substance which prevents fat cells to deposit around waist. So, drinking a glass of red wine a day will contribute to maintaining ideal body figure.

Except that making love spends 150 calories in 20 minutes, hormones that are released during sex speed up metabolism.

Drinking green tea promotes fat burning and speeding up metabolism in amount of 20 percent.

Cheese made of cows milk should be replaced with goat cheese because it has 40 percent less calories.

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