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About Lipitone website
Known as an "advanced" weight loss pill, Lipitone works as a fat blocker. The creators of Lipitone claim that their product doesn't produce side-effects and that it is the number 1 selling weight loss item. You can even find a comparison with Alli and Chitosan. So what is the truth? The Lipitone website provides almost zero useful information about the product. The whole content is on one page and includes a few anonymous reports, allegedly written by its users without FAQ section. We tried to find something outside their website, some independent information, article, Testimony, but still no luck.
However, the mentioned website provides information about working mechanism of Lipitone as a fat blocker and as a carbohydrates blocker. They claim that brown seaweed and vitamin b12, as the major ingredients of Lipitone, block up to 28% percent of fat. The remaining parts of this web presentation are introducing offers for free trial and offer a bonus e-book named "10 secrets to fat loss".
About product
If you try to dig something else about Lipitone from the internet, you will find some basic information about its ingredients. It appears that Lipitone's key ingredient is NeOpuntia, a fiber that originated from cactus. The role of NeOpuntia is apparently binding fat molecules and disposing them out of your body, before they can be absorbed. Some other ingredients are seaweed extract ID-alG, apple pectin and beet and oat fibers.
Take one capsule 15 to 60 minutes after the meal. If you had a particularly fatty meal, you can take a capsule any time after.
you don't have to consume it with every meal no side effects (according to company) a free trial studies and tests have been performed on major ingredients of Lipitone reduces cholesterol and boosts mood
no info about prices on official website no clinical studies performed on a product itself no FAQ and not so reliable reviews 60$ for a less-than-a-month supply no "Terms and Conditions" section on Lipitone web site
When the producer claims that Lipitone is "No. 1" selling fat blocker, you expect a little more info and topics about it on the internet. As it was very hard to get to some information about Lipitone, it is questionable if that claim is true. Second; as there is no "Terms and Conditions" section, the customers should be aware of possibility of charging some extra shipping expenses for a "free 14-day trial". It may come as a very unpleasant surprise. The only true advantage is the possibility to take a capsule up to an hour after your last meal.

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