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Alli is a so-called "diet pill" and it can be bought without prescription. It has FDA approval, which indicates that it has been subjected to various tests and they proved it to be harmless and effective. However, you shouldn't hope for miraculous results, because, in that case, no plant or medication will fulfill your hopes.
If, or when you visit the website of Alli group, you'll see that it isn't only about some pills, but there's plenty more. After you buy their product, you can sign up for membership, which provides individualized plans, tips, guides and all other types of support. You can access to some of these features even if you aren't a member. Some of these tips can be extremely helpful, like the questionnaire which helps you determine whether you are ready to start the program. As you may see in the article related to the issue, this is one of most important things you should be aware of when you want to start your diet.
There's one major issue about all this support. When you calculate the number of pages you should read, which all are directly related to your diet, you will get a number of 200 pages. When you add the fact that all these studies, lifestyle changes and reading will lead to losing 5 to 10 percent of your weight, some people may find this investment of time, nerves and money not worth of doing.
What will Alli do?
Alli blocks the absorption of 25% of all fat taken. The word "blocks" means that all non-absorbed fat will end up on the other end of your digestive system. Alli people's maximum recommended amount of fat per one day is 50 grams. These 50 grams are equivalent to one piece of pizza, or one quarter pound burger and medium chips, so it is all about a quarter of it. This leads to a conclusion that all the fuss is about one tablespoon of fat, which will make you go to the toilet and which will end up on the other end of your digestive tract. So the conclusion is that Alli works on a basis of avoiding side effects of consuming more than 50 grams of fat per day.
Not that it is not worth of trying, but if you find some other way to lower the fat consumption, you may lose your weight without all that bother and fuss.

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