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Losing weight can significantly improve the emotional and physical health. Many people are overfed and really have a problem with excessive weight, and for them regulation of body weight is more than useful. Losing weight is achieved by using means for reducing appetite, fat blockers, means for accelerating the digestion and increasing secretion of fluid from the body, and the substances to accelerate the fat burning.

What Are the Fat Blockers?

There are molecules - fibrous and bitter substances and bio-materials, which are mainly found in fruits, vegetables and legumes, that have properties to reduce fat absorption in the intestines.

How Do They Work?

Fat blockers are removed from the body through the stool, so fat doesn't stay in the body, but only passes through the intestine. When the body gets less fat from food it has to spend the existing stock, melting fat reserves. On this way, fat blockers speed up the metabolism and digestion, leaving no time for the deposition of fat in the body. Studies have shown that fat blockers lead to losing weight without the stress and hunger.

What to Eat?

Fibrous substance - pectin, which is mostly found in apples and carrots, enhances the function of intestines and prevents the increased fat level in blood.

Saponins which are found in leguminous plants reduce blood cholesterol and prevent fat reaching to the intestine. This means that young peas should be eaten as much as possible.

Fruit, vegetables and legumes quickly provide sense of fullness, simultaneously supplying the body with vitamins, minerals and beneficial plant proteins.

Beet stimulates metabolism and the bile flow, which is very important for fat burning. Scrapings and folic acid, found in beets, lower fat level in the blood, preventing forming deposits in blood vessels.

Whey contains a huge water amount, while calories and fat content is very low. Besides water, it contains a large amount of potassium, calcium, protein and vitamin B2, and all that stimulates fat breakdown, in addition to strengthening the immune system.

Celery speeds digestion and metabolism. In addition, celery contains potassium, which stimulates fluid excretion.

Pineapple has a very important and beneficial effect to the body. It contains bromeliad, an important enzyme that stimulates metabolism and breaks down fat. This fruit encourages fluid excretion from the body, which tightens the connective tissue - that is why, among other things, pineapple is excellent in the fight against cellulite.

Ginger contains a large amount of essential oils that stimulate the work of bile, and thus break down fats and stimulates excretion of harmful substances from the body. Also, ginger enzymes improve digestion.

Vitamin C stimulates the production of hormones that affect the fat to fast turn into energy. Vitamin C can be found in kiwi, lemon, grapefruit, peppers and broccoli.

Cereals, nuts and grains contain a large amount of magnesium, which stimulates the body metabolism. Thus, consumption of energy is increased so fat fails to retain in the body.

Pickled cabbage is rich in milk acids, which are important for the natural flora in the intestines. Therefore, sauerkraut improves digestion and excretion of harmful substances from the body. A similar effect has a brine, which can be taken in combination with fruit juices.

Pepper stimulates metabolism and circulation and opens pores. All this speeds up the breakdown of fat. Similar effects have curry, chilli and peppers.

Papaya is exotic fruit, rich in active ingredients. Besides vitamin C, it contains the enzyme papain, which stimulates digestion and metabolism, releasing body from harmful ingredients.

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