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Information on Bruunhause

Bruunhause is supposed to be another miraculous cureintended for use by all those who suffer from acne. Acne is among the mostcommon skin related medical conditions but it is also one of the most annoyingones. It is fairly easy to get frustrated because of all those “miraculous” remedieswhich turn out to be everything else but efficient. The manufacturers ofBruunhause claim that their product is the strongest acne serum in the world,but one cannot help but question the actual trueness of such claims. Did theyactually test their product against all other different products? Was it ascientific study or just a plain marketing trick just to sell more units?

Strangely enough, there is no “ingredients” page on theofficial Bruunhause manufacturer’s website. It is not very wise to buy anyproducts or medicaments without knowing the exact ingredients contained in it.A person may be allergic to some ingredients, and without knowing whichingredients are contained there is a potential risk of allergic reactions. Onecannot help but notice that a 2.2 oz bottle of Bruunhause cost 107 dollars!That easily places this remedy at the top of the list of the most expensiveacne treatments, excluding the surgery option. Before getting to the actualcontent of the serum, a potential consumer is faced with no ingredients data,ridiculously high price for an unreasonably small amount of serum and severalfalse claims.

Further Problems

Once the person starts digging deeper, he or she stumblesupon the claims that the labs who manufacture this product are the cutting edgeof acne research but there are no ways of proving that. It is clear that themanufacturer does not provide any support for any of the bold claims concerningtheir product. There is also a certain “bhatologist” which is a specialistknown for recommending Bruunhause. It is impossible to find any relevantinformation on such a person anywhere on the internet! What else should be saidof the credential, or the lack of them? The Testimonials do not provide anyusable information and the term “source acne theory” is nothing but a catchysounding, marketing plot. The only ingredient which is actually mentioned iscalled hydronium. It is a type of ion which can be found in all water basedsolutions. Even after all these disappointing facts, it is saddening to knowthat the manufacturer of this remedy does not offer a money back guarantee.

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