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This article will talk about the Colon Clenz product. The Natural Balance is the company behind the manufacturing of this product and similar others which are advertised as healthy and helpful for people, to renew, fortify and cleanse their bodies. Products from this company are safe and natural for the human body and one of such is the Colon Clenz, which is not your ordinary colon cleanse but also a type of laxative.

Colon Clenz

Colon Clenz needs to be used in moderate amounts, since the FDA does not review natural products such as this one. Constipation is the main problem that this product eliminates. This effect is due to the ingredients such as Oregon grape, Aloe Vera, black walnut, Senna and several others that make up the product. Senna is the main ingredient which gives the beneficial effect of helping the body remove the waste that irritates the colon. Chinese Rhubarb is another ingredient of the Colon Clenz. This product can be taken until the problem goes away and no more than one or two times during the day. There is no specific information about the duration associated with the use of Colon Clenz, so the consumer will decide when to stop taking this laxative. You can get it in bottles with 30, 60 or 120 pills.

As for the pros, this remedy is very cheap and available everywhere, it is natural and only one or two pills are supposed to be taken per day. There are also some cons; due to the mild effect of this gentle remedy, it may prove ineffective with more serious constipation. It may also lead to stomach cramps, since some of the ingredients contained are irritants. There is also no information available about the recommended length of use of these pills. This is an obscure remedy, so no customer Testimonials are available. It can reduce body weight, and apart from constipation it has no other benefits.

The Verdict

This cheap bottle, which costs from 10 to 20 dollars, is an old product, and information on it is scarce. Real gas, buildup of waste and constipation problems cannot be treated with this product and it cannot treat more serious cases. Also there are no trial periods or money back guarantees on this product. The purest ingredients for cleansing are associated with the Colothin product. It has has six active ingredients that remove the sludge from the colon walls and aid digestion. This is a very powerful and natural product that will increase the metabolism rate, thus aiding the fat burning, and it will also remove toxins, waste and yeast build ups. Also, this product aids several other health benefits, such as flatter stomach, reduced gas, increased energy and weight loss. There is a limited risk-free trial offer of Colothin that can be delivered to your doorstep, but you will pay for the shipping. Know that this product is unavailable in the stores at this moment.

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