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What are diet patches and how do they work?

The fact is that diet patches are very similar to thenicotine patches, which are used when a person wants to give up a veryunhealthy habit of smoking. They have to be put directly on the skin, and theyshould not be removed for the entire 24 hours because this is the only way inwhich they can be efficient all day long. Their purpose is to increase themetabolism in order for more calories to be burnt, but it is also claimed thatthey have the power to affect the appetite, thus suppressing it. Still, thisclaim is yet to be confirmed and proved, because based on the studies conductedso far, this claim (as well as several others that come from the companies that producethem) has not been proven.

These patches are becoming more and more popular among thosewho want to lose some weight without much effort, and the fact that they are easilyavailable makes them even more popular. However, it is necessary to be carefulwhen buying them online, because many sites that are into selling this productclaim that these and similar products are much more efficient than it has beenproven so far.

What kind of ingredients do they contain?

Not only one type of diet patches is available on themarket, but there is a wide range of choice. What makes them different is thefact that they contain different ingredients. Some of them contain iodine,others 5-HTP, while there are also those that contain ingredients which aresimilar to those that pills and supplements for weight loss contain – green tea,guarana, zinc citrate, L-carnitine and others. This is why their effect alsodiffers, because some are focused on speeding up the metabolism, while others arefocused on suppressing the appetite and cravings for food. These ingredientsget into the blood stream through the skin, but so far, there are opposing opinionson their effectiveness. So far, the most popular are diet patches that contain focusvesiculosus as an active ingredient (also familiar as brown seaweed), green teaand hoodia, which are more than popular ingredients in various weight lossproducts.

Since these patches do require spending some money, andsince their effectiveness is not entirely proved, it is highly recommended tofind some other healthier way to lose weight and to introduce some physicalactivity, because it will significantly contribute to the overall health of theperson and not only to the loss of weight.

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