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The one of the numerous things that distinguishes human from all other living beans on planet is ability to think about the acts of their own. Conscious is very strong sense and also can bring man in very serious mental condition. Of course, conscious, as already been said, is making people who they are, and without it things would be much worst then they are today.

The most interesting thing is that there is a lot of kind of conscious, and actually the good part of the senses that people can feel are type of the conscious. All these senses, which will be named, are not present in same rate. Different people have different rate of all sense, and that is making the people and mutually different.

These senses can be put in the representative fraction from the lowest to the highest: shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, pride, courage, neutrality, willingness, acceptance, reason, love, joy, peace, enlightenment.


Shame is the well-known and very common sense especially among children. At some scientist this is the feel of animosity for your own self, and also can be defined like a step over death.

Guilt is much stronger sense than shame, regardless is just one step above shame. Something had been provoked, and people blame themselves for that. Usually, people can not forgive themselves.

Apathy is sense of despair and feeling of being victim. Apathy is very often among the people that live in economic pour countries, and of course some down-and-outs feel the same.

Grief is the very often process after some of the love once is lost by death or brake ups…the consequence can be and usually is depression.

Fear is also very common sense of weakness. The weakness is provoked by any shapes of unknown. Sometimes fear can be transform to paranoia.

Desire is very similar to grief, but also is connected with some kind of addiction. People can have desire for a lot of different things, but the most common things are money, power, and of course other people.

Anger is specific sense usually is provoked of the much not having the desires-money, power, love, other person….Aggression is very connected with anger.

Pride is actually the first level of felling better. But unfortunately this is sense that commonly leads in nationalism, racism, war in general.

Courage is feeling of strength, and it is totally opposite of fear.

Neutrality is the best feeling that could have people that live in very overpopulation countries-Live and let live. Tolerance is growing from this sense.

Willingness is very great feeling of need to do something more, not just for your own sake. Volunteers have a great willingness.

Acceptance is first indicator of maturity. It is very important people know to deal the problems, and accept the thing the way they are.

Reason is the level of using your own talents for good sake of the earth.

Love is definitely the strongest feeling among all. It is initiator of all mentioned good feelings, but unfortunately and the bad ones. Love is the only feeling that all people are capable for, but manifestation are different , of course.

Joy is sense of happiness, totally opposite than grief. Everything is much easier when the person is joyful.

Peace is one of the rarest sense. Only one man among ten million people is capable for peace.

Enlightenment is the feeling that Krishna, Buddha and Jesus have felt. It is actually the rarest sense, and also the highest level of conscious.

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