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The greatest majority of the people will at least once in their life wonder whysomeone else is looking at them in a particular, negative manner. There are people whoare generally not that interested why someone is looking at them. On theother hand, there are those who always wonder what might be wrong with them andwhy someone is looking at them or laughing to them. The fact issomeone can be observing you and gossip, but that is benign for you, and afterall, do you really care that much? If that is something that affects you, youwill have to learn to overcome that feeling of embarrassment and move forward.You will have to learn to be less self-conscious and to turn to other people.If you talk to people and try to listen to them, ask them how they feel or whatthey have done, and you will see that the negative feeling will disappear andyou will be focused on others, not only on yourself.

The importance of self-esteem

Many young people have problemwith their self-esteem. They think that they are not worth if they do not dothis or that. People must value themselves and then they will not be underpressure about what someone says or thinks about them. There are individualswho are extremely beautiful and interesting, but on the social gatherings, theyfeel anxious and worry about their appearance. They usually think that anythingthey say or do looks stupid to others. When thinking like this, you will not beable to enjoy the party and have a good time.

Talk to other people

When you attend some socialevent, it is good to always have in mind why you are there. Also, it isimportant to talk to others. Focus on other people and try to talk to them andnotice anything else that might be interesting. That way you will not be thatmuch self-aware and you might even meet some new friends. It will help if youto ask questions to get to know someone better. If you only talk aboutyourself, you will not be interesting for the others, but when you askquestions, others will feel much better when being around you. You need to knowthat some people might not like your lust for new information, but there willalways be more of those who will love that.

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