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Herbs for grief

Grief is the psychological state of expressing emotional suffering. There are stages of grief: a period of deeply felt shock and numbness, followed by disbelief in the disaster and in the end a state of despair. Frustration, confusion, fear and anger are also very common. Sometimes a state called emotional numbness occurs. Many people often experience a fierce anger and overwhelming feeling of guilt. Unpredictable reactions may occur such as outbursts of weeping or flashes of anger appearing at the most unlikely times. Due to its emotional nature grief can have some physical manifestation like insomnia, general nervousness, problems with memory, poor appetite, and physical exhaustion. During grieving the onset of illness is very frequent.

The path from recovery from grief is very long and many people tend to hide their emotions but, the recognition of the loss is important for the eventual acceptance of the inevitable and unpleasant reality. The support from the community members can be very helpful during the process of grieving, and this includes family members, close friends, members of the clergy. It is important that the person most affected by someone’s death has a proper goodbye end experiences the loss face to face. It is important to include children, because they should take part in everything. They should also be allowed to grieve. Very serious complications, usually manifested emotionally can result from the unresolved grief felt by a person.

Even though they can greatly delay the process of grieving and may prolong it, alcohol and tranquilizers are widely accepted in our society for eliminating some of the body’s innate coping mechanisms. Because, a person needs all his or her energy at this time in order to cope with the circumstance, an unhealthy choice of foods, a lack of exercise and irregular hours of sleep are all very damaging.

Supplements and Herbs

Supplements should make sure that no deficiencies of minerals or nutrients exist physically in the body. The poor appetite during the grieving process may cause a lot of deficiencies. That is why one should take extra vitamin B complex and vitamin C tablet, in addition to a multivitamin tablet.

In order to reduce the nervous tension and tiredness supplements are used. Vitamin C reduces the detrimental effects of toxins produced in the body and helps fighting off illness.

Herbal remedies can also be utilized.

The juice from leaves of the borage herb and its blossom can boost the recovery of the glandular and activate and maintain the glands, aiding in the production of energy and therefore in the capability to overcome sadness.

The symptoms of insomnia and nervous tension can be relieved using the juice from the St. John's wort herb. For three to four weeks during the period of grief, drink a cup of tea made from this herb every morning to lighten the mood.

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