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Immune System

The immune system is a defense mechanism which protects the body and prevents illnesses. Liver, spleen, thymus, bone marrow, and lymphatic system work together in immune system, and are specialized to increase the resistance to many illnesses.

Your immunity depends on your genetic predisposition and also on your lifestyle. Everything is about the balance in everyday life. Keeping a balanced emotional, physical and mental status immensely help your immune system. Everything matters: the food that you eat, water that you drink and your exercising regime, they all affects your immunity and make it stronger. Immune system is also stronger in people who have enough rest, think positively regardless what is happening in their life and who have spiritual support.

Maintain a healthy balance in your life: eat when you are hungry and don’t overeat, drink enough water and avoid unnecessary stress. Some stressful situations are actually good for the body and mind, they keep us mentally alive. Too much stress, on the other hand, can’t be good. It affects both mind and the body, decreasing the chances to defend from any potential illnesses. Respect the signals from your body, some people need more time to relax and others are better if they lead a physically active life.

Immune system could be hyperactive, sometimes causing autoimmune disorders. Rheumatoid arthritis is one of these illnesses, caused by too active immune system. The body starts to attack its own, healthy cells, provoking the disorder. Some of us have a different problem – a slow immune system. This can also lead to some illnesses, such as common cold and cause other problems.

Homeopathy for Immunity

Homeopathic practitioners tend to treat a whole person, rather than individual symptoms. Their remedies are specially selected for individual patients, according to his/hers physical, mental and emotional symptoms and manifestations.

Arsenicum is the remedy recommended for ambitious people who worry about their health condition. They are pessimistic, and also strive to perfection. Another thing about these people – they don’t tolerate disorder. Arsenicum patients may have problems with gastric function, ulcers and tiredness.

Nux vomica is a remedy used in patients who are ambitious, competitive and love challenges. Sometimes, these people can criticize others and they tend to overreact easily. They might use alcohol and some other substances, even the drugs. Quite often, they have problems with headaches, digestion, constipation and sleeping.

Patients that need Pulsatilla are gentle, kind and rather shy people. They are always ready to take some advice, always avoiding fight and can’t express anger. These patients may have menstrual and urinary problems.

Sulphur patients are more thinkers than doers. Most of them are intellectual and philosophical, rarely practically oriented. These people are friendly towards others and enjoy discussions and conversations. Physically, they might suffer from headaches, skin problems or hemorrhoids.

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