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It can be quite embarrassing and frustrating when one has a scar on the face. The scar occurs due to the damage of the tissue or deep dermis layer of the skin, usually after an injury or cut. When the skin suffers damage, the body starts the healing process and when the normal tissues are replaced by fibrous tissues, the scars appear.

In most cases, facial scars are actually acne scars. Also, in most cases, various facial scars can be eliminated or reduced by the use of certain cosmetic products or if more serious, there are surgical procedures. that can be done.

Types of scar

The hypertrophic scars are thick and are caused due to overproduction of collagen. The atrophic scars lead to the occurrence of pitted skin. The keloid scars are actually hyperthyroid scars which tend to grow in size. Ice pack scars are the scars caused by acne and pimples. Box car scars look like the scars caused by chicken pox. Rolling scars which are marked by a wave like skin.Facial scar removal

One of the procedures for the facial scar removal is dermabrasion and this procedure is recommended for small facial scars caused by acne or a surgery. In this procedure, the top layer of the skin is removed by the means of advanced instruments, such as, for example metal brush or diamond surfaced spinning blade.

Microdermabrasion is similar to dermabrasion with a little difference which refers to the fact that in this procedure, only the epidermis is removed. For more serious facial scars, there are several procedures, such as laser surgery, surgery, steroid injections, skin grafting and resurfacing. The visibility of scar can be decreased by scar removal surgery, while in cases of laser treatment, the scarred area is made smoother by tightening the inner layer of the skin by heat. Keloid and hypertrophic scars usually require steroid injections which flatten the scarred area and make the scar almost invisible. One of the procedures for facial scar removal is chemical peeling and in this procedure, strong chemicals are used in order to remove the outer layer of the skin and make the affected area much smoother. However, the sessions should be repeated several times so that the results could be seen.Scar grafting is a procedure where the skin from the other part of the body is transferred to the scarred area.

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