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What are the keloid scars?

The keloid scars, or simply the keloids, is the medical term for the phenomenon of the abnormal scar growth. Those scars arise very prominently from the surface of the skin, and besides the tendency to enlarge, they also have the tendency to extend over the nearby surfaces of the skin. That is, they usually appear in the group and they are of the irregular shape, soft and of the pinkish or darker color. These scars are, actually, based on collagen, which is the protein that is very important ingredient substance of the connective tissues.

The apparition of these scars, although it hasn’t been yet discovered which individuals are more prone to be affected by it, is due to both, the low level and the high level of this protein in the organism. So, the keloid type of the scars are very insightful aesthetically and that is why, it is recommended remove them completely and not to deal with them the less invasive way (e.g. by using the cosmetic products).

The treatment

As far as the total removing of the keloid scars is concerned, the most successful, but also most aggressive is, of course is the surgical procedure of cutting out the scars with scalpel. It is also very effective in preventing the recurrence of the scars, because treating the keloid scars with radiation and putting the steroid drug into them is the part of the surgical procedure.

Even more effective is the surgical procedure performed with laser rays, which, by the process of turning the fluid from them into the vapor, remove the keloid completely. However, the key to the success of such treatment is that additionally the epidermis beneath it is also removed, thus encouraging the skin to naturally regenerate itself. Similarly, the keloid can be made even with the surface of the skin by the procedure of treating it with the nitrogen of extremely low temperature, but, in this case, the scar remains pigmented.

Of course, there are some less aggressive solutions for the same purpose. One of the most common such therapies is the one based on injecting the cortisone into the keloids, just once monthly, but it includes also the apparition of the darker spots on the skin afterwards. The similar is the treatment based on the intake of the protein interferon, but its effect has not yet been fully discovered.

The least aggressive is the treatment based on applying the sheets of the silicone gel over the scars, on a daily basis, and for more than one month.

And, finally, when it comes to the process of the recovery after the interventions, the scarring should be cleansed regularly and the cream which kills bacteria should be gently put over the scars (in order to prevent the possible infectious process).

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