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As already well known, suffering from acne is enough of the troublesome and unsightly condition, let alone the even more bothering problem of the consequence manifested as scarring, since it is permanent. The scars can be avoided, but, in the majority of the cases, the people have rather strong urge to pop them out, and the result is the appearance of the uneven or the pigmented ugly scars. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways to deal with the scars from acne, but, on the other hand, a few of them are really effective.

Why to choose this particular treatment?

So, one of the most successful cosmetic treatments in getting rid of the scars is the one called microdermabrasion, which is the modern technique of removal of the surface layer of the skin, with certain small rough grains. This treatment is, therefore, similar to the peeling and exfoliation, but it is far more effective in removal of these blemishes for good. Due to the lack of collagen on the affected spot, the scar becomes visible, or to be more precise, the little hole is made on the surface of the skin. And that is why this therapy of removal the whole epidermis is especially valuable. However, in the case of the pigmented scars, they usually fade away on their own through the time.

Therefore, when the surface of the skin is removed, the natural response of the body is to regenerate itself, by simply creating another one, new and healthy layer over the skin. Nevertheless a few treatments are needed for the complete healing, and the number of them depends on the depth of the scar, the position of it, and how many of them are there. So, for the severe scars approximately ten treatments will be enough. However, in the cases of the extremely deep scars, this therapy can’t heal them completely.

In addition, the number of the interventions depends on the youth of the skin, logically, because of the natural process of the gradually decreased production of collagen through the time. Also, the ability of the skin regeneration is bigger in the case of the timely treatments. Concerning this matter of the regeneration, for the best results, it is recommendable to undergo the treatments at intervals from one week up to ten days.

Another benefits of the microdermabrasion which should be pointed out are that no pain is provoked during the treatment, that the only possible following trouble is a mild irritation, it is not expensive, and that it is widely available in the spa centers.

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