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Acne is one of the most common medical conditions, as itaffects a large number of people everywhere around the world. Unfortunately,acne can sometimes be associated with scars or marks which tend to get leftbehind by acne. This is why there are numerous different types of solutions andtreatments for all those who suffer from scarred skin triggered by acne. Insome cases, the scars can be removed completely, while in certain others, thevisibility of the scars can only be reduced to a certain degree. Numerous overthe counter medicaments and topical skin care products can be used in cases ofmild scarring, but severe cases may require laser skin resurfacing or sometimeseven surgical procedures. Acne can be quite annoying because of its symptoms,but it may also be associated with a reduced confidence, self esteem and othersimilar problems. One should always consult a dermatologist before starting anymethod of treatment for acne. A dermatologist will always provide the suffererwith best possible advice on the matters of choosing the most appropriate typeof treatment.

Acne Scar Treatment

One should always be aware of the fact that no treatment is100 percent effective when it comes to the treatment of scars caused by acne.Some of those methods of treatment may be of certain help when it comes toimproving the condition of the skin and lightening the scars. A chemical peelis one of the most common treatments and it involves topical application ofhigh potency acids such as trichloroacetic acid or glycolic acid. These acidsactually exfoliate the skin upper layers of the affected areas of the skin andreveal the smoother layers which lie beneath. Another popular type of treatmentis known by the name of microdermabrasion. It involves a certain type of machine which is designed to release aconstantly pressurized stream of tiny crystals right onto the affected areas ofthe skin. This method is very efficient in removing the dead skin cells. Laserresurfacing is a method which involves the use of laser beams in order toreveal a smooth skin layer located below the scarred areas of the skin.

Punch grafting is a method of treatment in which a qualifieddoctor physically removes the affected areas of the skin and replaces them withnew, unscarred tissues taken from the back of the ear or similar areas. Thereare numerous acne scar creams available on the market, but there are alsocertain home remedies such as cucumber, sandalwood paste, rosewood oil, honeyand lemon.

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