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Acne themselves are not that huge problem when compared to their worst consequence, the scars. Even when the cure for this stubborn problem is found, the scars are left, and the cure for them is even harder to find. What is important for everyone who is considering the available options for removing acne scars is primarily to get rid of active acne, because it is necessary that the face is free of them for at least three months before undergoing any adult acne treatment procedure. Aside from this, it is equally important to gather as much information as possible about the procedures that can be done and to find the right doctor who will be able to provide additional information if needed, and who will be specialized in this area.

Available methods of treatment

Several methods are available, but most frequently suggested are definitely laser treatments, dermabrasion and tissue fillers.

As for the laser treatments, usually several sessions are needed in order to get the wanted results, and during each session, the outer layer of the skin is being destroyed by a laser beam, which results in formation of the new skin as soon as the outer layer heals. Dermabrasion is a method of treatment during which a layer of the skin is practically removed by some kind of a wire brush that rotates very rapidly. Acne scars on the surface are usually totally removed by this procedure, while those scars that are deeper definitely look less visible. Tissue fillers are nothing else than injections of collagen or fat, which are given either under the skin or right in the scars. Since these fillers are known for their ability to stretch out the skin, this results in acne scars being less visible. However, a downside of this method is that it provides results which are only temporary, meaning that from time to time it is necessary to repeat the procedure. Since deeper scars are very difficult to remove, in some cases, in order to get rid of them the surgery is recommended. Individual acne scars are then cut out and the hole that is left is repaired with either stitches or skin grafts. There is a number of homemade and natural remedies, which might help with acne scars that are not so deep, but even though many people claim that they are effective, until they are tried out, it is pointless to talk about their effectiveness.

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