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Neurosis and Physical Activity

Physical inactivity has become normal condition for manypeople. Whether they are young or older, they seem to be spending days, monthsand years in front of the television, watching it for hours. Many of thesepeople are nervous and one theory says that this is simply because of theirenergy, which is trapped inside their bodies.

Trapped energy is something that should be worked on, or it maycause many health problems. Neurosis is just one of the potential dangers ifyou don’t work out, but many other diseases can also be associated with problemsarising from the lack of physical activity. In the past, people had to work, andphysical activity was something they simply needed in order to survive. Thereis no need for chopping the wood and collecting fruits and vegetables all day any moreand people feel more nervous than ever before.

Sometimes, you can notice how crazy bars and clubs looklike at weekends. People jump around, step on each other and dance all night,paying sometimes no attention to anyone else. That’s one way to release thetension building over the week. However, this is happening again and again,since people don’t know what to do on working days with this excess stale energy.

How to Get Rid of Neurosis?

Physical activities, such as swimming, different sports oreven walking may be beneficial for the tension and neurosis you areexperiencing. Proper amount of exercise will help you to spend this energy andyou won’t feel nervous any more.

There are also some other methods. Meditation, for exampleis something you may want to try. Leave the neurosis and madness of your everydaylife and start looking and going ahead without it. Try dancing because you lovethat, instead of dancing to get rid of stale energy. There is some significantdifference in doing something you enjoy doing and something you must and needto do, or you will go crazy. Neurosis may also force you to crave for sex, foodor some other activity or hobby, but is it much better if you develop theability to get over it.

Excess work is also one way to hide from neurosis and manypeople are trapped in overworked state all the time. That’s because they don’t knowwhat to do and how to behave if there is no structured time in his or herslife. Find the way to release excess energy through some physical activity youprefer and prevent neurosis.

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