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Working of Xenical orlistat

How Xenical Works?

Xenical orlistat is a prescription drug used to treat excess weight in obese people. Active component of this medication is orlistat. It doesn’t affect the brain, but it works in the human intestines.

In the intestinal tract, orlistat is known to block absorption of the fats from the food. Even if the person eats something fatty, this medications prevent up to 30% of that fat to be absorbed. The body is left to use its own fat to produce energy required for the body and thus people may lose significant amount of excess weight.

Many other weight loss medications affect the central nervous system. Xenical orlistat affects only intestines and doesn’t  boost the metabolism or suppress appetite. Absence of brain effects has made this drug very useful in long term weight loss and patients can use Xenical for more than one year. Also, this medication is one of the few drugs for weight loss than can be prescribed to overweight teenagers.

How to Use Xenical?

Xenical orlistat is recommended to be taken with every meal that include fats or at least up to one hour after such meal. It usually means that patients use this drug with their breakfast, lunch and diner, while they don't have to take the medication if they skip the meal or eat something without fat.

Balanced diet is something doctors regularly recommend to people who use Xenical orlistat. These patients are advised to reduce the amount of fat in their food to some 30% and use Xenical regularly for best results. In some cases, people eating too fatty food may experience very unpleasant side effects of this drug. It may include oily and fatty stools, flatulence, urgent bowel movements or inability to control these bowel movements.

Healthy diet for people using Xenical should be a low fat diet recommended by doctors from Aerican Heart Association. These patients should eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables and preferably whole grain products. Recommended diet also consists of: low fat or completely fat free dairy products, lean meat, poultry without the skin and various beans. Egg yolks and meat should be avoided, as well as saturated fats. Use safflower, corn, canola or olive oil, instead of saturated oils.

Regular physical activity is also one of the recommendations for people trying to lose some weight with Xenical. Along with balanced healthy diet and behavioral changes, this drugs is proven to reduce weight in overweight individuals.

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