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People who are into diving need topossess a significant amount of physical and physiological fitness.Namely, spending time moving underwater is not an easy task. On thecontrary, those who are physically unfit cannot possibly manage toundergo diving sessions successfully.

Additionally, besides the physicalfitness factor, adequate equipment is necessary for every person whodesires to be a diver. In order to learn more about this sport,passion and hobby, as well as the physical and mental requirements itcarries, read on.

Diving is Not Simple at All

Diving incorporates several types ofphysical activity. Thus in order to become fit enough for diving, youneed to undergo proper exercising patterns, raising your capabilityto consume air and make use of the oxygen you inhale. The exercisesone needs for diving are the ones which boost the strength and thefunctioning of the heart. Therefore, these with weak or ill heartsare not advised to go underwater for a long time, let alone dive.

There is a specific physical test whichassesses a person, deciding whether he/she is capable of diving ornot. Basically, the person should swim underwater at one knot, or 101feet per minute, maintaining this for a specific period of time.

While a person is undergoing this formof testing, they are observed by professionally trained physicians,most of which are professional divers themselves, being experiencedin this discipline and the safety and health measures which gohand-in-hand with it. If the diver is found to have a medicalcondition which prevents him/her from diving safely, he/she is notallowed to dive.

Divers usually dive in pairs or groups,being prepared to react in case anything goes wrong. However, if aperson is obese or even overweight, he/she is most commonly notallowed to dive. Rather, body fat levels that divers are allowed tohave are 22% for males and under 28% for females. Of course, theserules exist only to warn a person that not obeying them meansexposing yourself to health hazard during diving.

Importance of Physical Fitness inDiving

Age is an important factor when itcomes to diving safely. Namely, as we grow older, our physicalfitness and lung capacity decrease. Subsequently, most elderly diversare not capable of being divers due to the reduced physical activitythey base their lives on. Naturally, if the elderly individualcontinues being physically active during his/her old age, he/she willhave much greater fitness level than a person of the same age wholeads a sedentary life.

Yet, divers, regardless of their age,need to be free from any illnesses, especially those affecting theheart, the muscles, the lungs and the vascular system.

As for the young people who desire tobecome divers, they also have certain requirements they need to meet,both on the physical and on the physiological plan. Emotionalmaturity, ability to learn and understand the theory behind diving,encompassing both physical, physiological and environmental data, allare necessary factors young divers need to possess. There are nospecific limits when it comes to a diver's age. Nevertheless, being15 years old is usually considered to be the minimum, at least as faras the certificate for diving is concerned. Also, the same age limitexists for one to be allowed to dive professionally.

In general, all people who desire to godiving need to bear in mind that their physical fitness is apredominant factor. Exercising a couple of hours, three days a weekis a routine that is bound to increase your physical requirementswhen it comes to professional diving. Namely, regular exercisingdecreases your blood pressure, improves your insulin sensitivity anddecreases your plasma triglycerides. In fact, a single hour ofexercising removes all fat you have delivered to your organismthrough a single fatty meal.

Additionally, besides making you moresuitable for diving, regular exercising can have many other benefits,when it comes to improving your overall lifestyle. It makes you lesssusceptible to diabetes, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressureand many different forms of cancer. Therefore, exercising on a dailybasis is a highly recommended step to take, for many health factorsthis kind of lifestyle bring into your life.

To sum up, diving is a sport which allpeople can enjoy, regardless of their age and sex. However, there aresome things that every future diver needs to bear in mind, mainlyrelated to a healthy lifestyle he/she needs to lead. Excellentphysical fitness is a must when it comes to this sport or activitysince diving requires you to stay underwater for a moderate amount oftime. Even though you will probably have a professional assistant todive by your side, it is best to rest assured that you can handlediving both physically and physiologically.

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