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It is not the rare that we ignore the need for sleep. Even though our organism demands that we rest, sometimes we just don’t listen to that, and although we yawn and feel the need for sleep, we stay awake. The reasons for not sleeping are different; either we have to finish some work, watch something on television, or we have to be at the party until the morning. None of these reasons are good enough, because our body needs to rest, since otherwise, it can result in health issues. You wake up at 8 AM, go to work, hang out with friends, go out in the evening, come home at one o’clock after midnight, so your sleep does not start before half past two. If this becomes a daily routine, it can be very harmful for your body. This scenario is not rare, especially among young people. You don’t feel exhausted so why not continue that way of living?!

There are some facts, such as that we need to sleep 7 or 8 hours every day. Most of people don’t even get half of this, and this is the reason that great number of them develops symptoms of lack of sleep. Maybe it doesn’t sound familiar, but when you hear what the signs of this condition are, it is possible that you will recognize some of them in your case. Very often, teary-eyes are the sign of lack of sleep, since your eyes may be full of tears and have the sensation of irritation in the eyes. Also, the individual has the urge to yawn the whole day and is exhausted, feeling the lack of energy. It is hard for them to concentrate and their changes of temper are frequent, but they can also feel lightheadedness and problems with vision, since everything may seem foggy.

Possible problems

There is a problem with memory, and it is particularly frequent in those who study all night, especially in students. In some extreme cases, individuals can develop hallucinations and bad dreams. It can also cause the urge to eat more, thus leading to gaining weight. Not enough sleep can lead to agitation and tension or to numbness and signs of depression, or, if you don’t sleep enough for a longer period of time, it can cause sleeping disorder such as insomnia and some severe health issues. There is a way to prevent all this from happening and that is to sleep in an aired room, and to provide a cozy place to sleep. Try to do some workouts during the day and that will provide you good sleep. Try to go to bed at the same time every day, because this way you will help yourself and avoid health problems later in life.

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