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About Phentermine

Phentermine is prescription drug, used to treat extremelyoverweight or obese people. The drug works by affecting the central nervoussystem and as the result suppressing the appetite in treated patients. Obesepeople can suffer from many medical conditions and some of them are veryserious because of the excess weight. This medication can therefore help obesepatients suffering from life threatening diseases provoked by overweight.

Phentermine is the drug that must be prescribed by yourdoctor and as various other prescription medications it also has certain adverseeffects associated with its use. Because some of them may be severe health problems,Phentermine is advised to be used only in patients where health risk fromobesity is more serious than drug’s side effects.

Phentermine on the Market

This medication can be found in tablet and capsule forms. Dependingon the strength, 15, 30 or 37.5mg, tablets and capsules are of different color.There are also two distinctive forms of Phentermine pills available: immediate releaseand time release capsules. Immediate release pills work when ingested andreleased into the bloodstream, while time release capsules take about 8 to 12hours to show their effects. You can find Phentermine under several differentnames on the market, including ADIPEX-P and IONAMIN, but also some other.

Phentermine should be used as the short term treatment ofobesity, and most doctors don’t recommend the drug for more than few weeks. Healthylifestyle, physical activity and diet regime during the course of the treatmentwill decide about the amount of weight a patient will lose.

Adverse Effects of Phentermine

Patients using Phentermine might expect to experience somemild side effects such as: dry mouth, stomach upset, constipation, blurred vision,sleeping problems and irritability. Gastrointestinal problems, effects to thecentral nervous system and libido problems may also be present in patients onPhentermine. However, these are only transient effects that usually disappearafter few days of treatment, when the body adjusts to the medication. Be carefulwith alcohol, because it is known to increase dizziness in some patientstreated with this drug.

People using Phentermine may also suffer from more seriousadverse effects, like: urinating difficulties, breathing problems, chest pain, poundingheart or even some swelling. Most serious problems that may arise in patientstreated with Phentermine are: primary pulmonary hypertension and cardiacvalvular disease. These have been reported especially in patients treated withcombination of Fenfluramine and Phentermine.

Additionally, this medication can also show false positiveresults on drug tests. Because of the amphetamine-like structure, drug testing foramphetamines might turn falsely positive in patients using Phentermine.

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