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A Common Mishap for Athletes

Those who indulge in the sports whererunning is crucial often are bound to experience all the discomfortrelated to ankle injury sooner or later. Namely, ankle injury mostlytakes place due to overstraining caused by excessive use oraccidental sprain of the food in an unnatural direction like inwardor outward. Then, numerous conditions may get developed, interferingwith the normal functioning of one's foot and ankle. Achillestendonitis is the most common one. Even though the strain may havenegative results which are gone in a short period of time, andrequire rest in order for one's body to regenerate, there are moreserious injuries involving tendon damage, joint injuries and otherconditions, which all require longer recovery periods. Finally, ankleproblems may stem from a direct injury inflicted upon this body parttoo.

Additional Causes and Manifestations ofAnkle Injury

Spraining, which, as mentioned above,is the most common cause of ankle pain, may take place in severalmanners, differed by the severity of the injury itself. Therefore, wehave minor, more serious and severe injuries, depending on the damagedone and the effect upon the victim. Achilles tendonitis is the worstcase scenario. It involves tendon damage and inflammation. Moreover,if left untreated, it is likely to escalate, causing the very tendonto get completely ruptured, resulting in severe pain, immobility ofthe injured limb, swelling and irritation. Additionally, ankle painmay be caused by other, underlying conditions like arthritis,infections, gout and many others.

As for manifestations of this highlyunpleasant mishap, depending on the type and the seriousness of theinjury, the symptoms may be light, involving pain but enabling thevictim to run naturally, or severe, causing excruciating pain andother complications, making one unable to use the injured limb atall, let alone run.

Treatment and Means of Prevention

Upon getting injured, it is best toseek medical attention as soon as possible. This way, your doctorwill establish the adequate diagnosis, examining the injury and,thereby, recommending the best therapy. Before you visit the doctor,it is best to keep the troublesome leg immobile. Also, you are highlyadvised to apply ice compress onto the swollen area. This will reduceboth the pain and the swelling. Alternatively, you may take someover-the-counter anti-inflammatory medications or painkillers, if thepain is too troublesome. Nevertheless, it is best to pay your doctora visit before using the ankle for running again, or taking anymedication on your own.

Finally, in order to reduce thepossibilities of this injury, it is best to wear adequate footwear,providing good support and cushioning. Also, make sure you run onflat terrains and avoid bumpy and problematic surfaces.

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