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Facts about Muscle Pain

We feel pain in our muscles for many different reasons. Usually, this happens due to overstraining of our muscles during physical activities. Since muscles are made of delicate, microscopic fibers; they sometimes endure tiny tears, which result in muscle pain afterwards.

All we need to do, when this pain occurs, is provide ourselves with proper relaxation, allowing our body to rehabilitate. Nevertheless, there are cases where this overuse can lead to muscle inflammation, where connective tissues covering the muscles are affected as well. This happens when we continue forcing our already weak and exhausted muscles to exercise more.

Sometimes, however, muscle pain may not be connected to a specific muscle area which hurts. This is called referred pain. Here, the pain in a certain muscle group may be triggered at some other point in our body.

Other Causes of Muscle Pain

An injury to the vertebral disc may easily lead to muscle pain. Also, whenever we are exposed to stress and exhaustion due to our daily actions and lack of sleep, we are bound to feel muscle pain at some point. Additionally, performing certain actions continually as when working on production lines is likely to cause us pain over time.

Even heart attacks and stomach irritations can cause connected to muscle aches. Finally, medications of some type may have muscular pain as their side-effect or we might have suffered from an injury.

Getting Rid of Muscle Pain

Whenever you face muscle pain, your best choice is to apply the RICE method. This means resting, ice, compression and elevation. Thus, stay in for about 2 days, without involving your muscles too much, keep them from swelling and becoming inflammed by placing ice wrapped in cotton cloth on them.

Painkillers are great for helping you cope with the discomfort of this situation. Aspirin or Ibuprofen will do the trick.

Taking a warm bath may help quite a bit, relaxing your muscles and detoxifying your body, improving your circulation. Gentle rubbing of the spot may help. However, if it hurts, avoid this action.

Finally, you might opt for using oils, lotions or other topical products for pain relief. Apply them under a heat pad. Products containing menthol are best for these purposes. Emu oil, methyl sulfonyl methane, arthro-pain cream or muscle relaxants may all be effective choices.

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