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Facts about Knuckle Pain

Taking into consideration that we areall using our fingers more and in different ways in the modern times than we did in thepast, due to various technological devices we operate daily, we arebound to experience more issues with our hands and fingerssubsequently.

Therefore, taking into considerationthat our knuckles are responsible for providing our fingers movement,these parts of our body are jeopardized as well, and may be in paindue to wear and tear through using computers, cell phones and manyother devices which are operated as these are.

However, there are many other thingswhich are known to be the possible causes of knuckle pain. Theremainder of this article will, therefore, deal with the possiblecauses of this pain as well as adequate treatments for the painitself.

Reasons behind Knuckle Pain

The first possible culprit may bedirect physical damage of the knuckle area. This part of our bodycontains cartilage which can be damaged by inflicting blows upon it.Also, certain diseases may cause the damage to the knuckles,resulting in pain and swelling as well. When injured, knuckles hurt,are swollen and cause a decrease in mobility of the fingers.Therefore, it is a problem that needs to be treated as soon aspossible.

Alternatively, if the swelling appearsat the knuckle of the middle finger and the fingertip as well, thereis a high likelihood that arthritis is causing these problems. In casesof osteoarthritis, there will be swollen nodes appearing all over theknuckles and the joints on the fingers. The knuckles are then boundto become stiff and painful, being enlarged due to the swelling anddeformation. Also, if you crack your knuckles too often, thiscondition may take place.

There are cases where pain in someother body areas is transferred to the knuckles. These can bepain in the neck, chest, back, shoulders, upper arms and forearmsareas.

Whichever the cause might be, a personsuffering from knuckle problems is incapable of using hands andfingers freely and experiences difficulties in handling things.

Treatments of Knuckle Pain and Swelling

Before doing anything else, you arehighly advised to find the cause behind your knuckle problem. Then,you will know what is the best way of treating it. Thus, a visit tothe doctor is the best possible choice.

Hot and warm compresses can relieve youof pain. Also, you may keep the hands in warm saline solution forabout 20 minutes. Alternatively, aloe vera gel as well as cinnamonand honey paste are both known to be excellent cures, when appliedcorrectly.

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