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There are people among us who enjoy cracking their knuckles very much. It relaxes them, produces the sound they like so much and a feeling of relief in their hands and the knuckles themselves. However, many people, while enjoying their knuckle cracking, wonder whether this repetitive action is healthy for the joints or not. Thus, many doctors get the same question from people who crack their knuckles often. The following lines will shed light on the matter, explaining the process of knuckle cracking and the effects this action has on your body, especially joints.

Facts about Knuckle Cracking

The noise produced during the knuckle cracking ritual can be frightening for some individuals, resembling the sound of cracking bones or tearing joints. However, it has nothing to do with this. Rather, knuckle cracking is a process which is based on the pressure within our joints and the change of physical states of the fluid inside it.

Therefore, numerous scientists claim that there are no dangers in this action and that you can crack all you want to. Basically, between the joints there is a space filled with a special matter which serves as a lubricant. The container of this fluid is shaped as a capsule. Subsequently, when you press the knuckles the volume of the capsule increases and the pressure inside it drops, leading to bubble formation in the fluid. Hence, once the bubbles pop, the cracking sound is produced.

Nevertheless, excessive indulgence in knuckle cracking can cause damage to the joint area, the soft tissue and the ligaments and lead to problems in the long run. Therefore, it is best for you to either control yourself or to stop cracking your knuckles altogether. All in all, this action may look repulsive to some people who do not perform it.

Addicted to Knuckle Cracking

This action is not so bad after all. Some of the positive aspects of it are the fact that you get relieved of the stiffness and that you stretch your fingers from time to time. However, too much of anything is not a good thing. Thus, you are advised to control yourself and avoid cracking your knuckles too often. Surely, it might feel good and you might not even be aware of the habit you have, but keep in mind that you could cause some health problems in the future, if you continue cracking your knuckles.

So, crack the knuckles from time to time, when your fingers are tired or strained, but do not go overboard.

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