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What is there to know about the skin tags?

Skin tags are actually the non-malignant protuberant formations which tend to appear on the surface of the skin and foreskin. In fact, they look more like the hanging parts of the skin and, although they are almost always harmless, they may look threatening when they are found in the area of the genitals. Additionally, they are especially common among the sexually active individuals, and being similar to some sexually transmitted disease (e.g. the formations from HPV), give us the real reason to worry.

Also, the biggest problem is that the direct provoker of them remains unknown, although it is suspected that the growth of these unsightly formations is most commonly triggered by the excessive rubbing of the genitals. However, the incidence of the skin tags is more frequent among the people who have more of the skin folds, that is, among the overweight individuals. Moreover, sometimes it is very difficult to determine the pattern of the incidence of the skin tags, which gives enough room for suspecting even on the hereditary cause of it. However, the discovery that, when found on the female genitalia (more often on the outside part of it), these formation turn out to be enlarged during the menstrual cycle, probably because of the increased secretion of the hormones. Also, this syndrome is very frequent in the cases of the women who just had a delivery, but, this is also due to the excessive friction.

Is it recommendable to remove them?

As far as the treatment is concerned, these formations are sometimes recommendable to be removed right away after being noticed, because of the real possible troubles they can provoke. That is, they get in the way of having a normal and enjoyable sexual contact, for example, and that is just one of the reasons why the affected person should think about getting rid of them. Besides that, as already mentioned, they look unattractive. However, if they do not cause any problem in the lifestyle of the affected person, it is even better not to treat them, since they are completely harmless for the health of the organism, especially having in mind that they usually subside on their own after some time and that they cannot be passed on to another individual.

However, when it comes to the popular treatments, the most effective is the cutting off of them by a surgeon. This surgical procedure could be also performed by wrapping a suture around the base of the tag, in order to cut the supply of the vital nutrients to it, which will, eventually, cause the death of it.

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