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Lice are parasitic insects which attack the areas covered with hair, mostly the scalp. They are very easily transmitted from one person to another and what they do is lay their eggs near the hair root on the scalp, and they are fed by sucking blood from it. Fortunately, they don’t carry any diseases but they can cause problems such as hair loss or anemia. The signs of lice infestation include itching, creeping sensations on the scalp as well as tiny spots resembling dandruff in the hair. Lice can be cured at home and there are numerous treatments which can take care of them.

Treating lice with mayonnaise

Mayonnaise is a fairly simple and safe remedy that can take care of lice. The process of killing the lice with mayonnaise consists of covering the entire head with mayonnaise while paying particular attention that the scalp is thoroughly plastered with it. When this is done, a shower cap is held over it on the head in order to avoid dripping and leaking. This mass should remain on for a few hours so that the mayonnaise could effectively destroy the lice. This happens thanks to the adequate texture of mayonnaise which is able to keep the lice from breathing and thereby kill them. When this process is finished, the hair can be washed with vinegar or mild shampoo. Also, it is best to repeat this process a couple of times a month just to make sure that every single louse is gone.

Treating lice with olive oil

Olive oil is considered an even more successful type of treatment than the one involving mayonnaise. The whole principle is basically the same, which means that olive oil also has the ability to suffocate the lice but this alternative is a lot less messy and easier to wash up afterward. This is done by soaking the hair in olive oil and putting a shower cap over it as well except that it would finally have to be wrapped up in a towel. This mixture should stay on the head throughout the entire night and in the morning the hair is to be combed carefully and rinsed after that. The rest of the process is exactly alike to the one including mayonnaise.

These are the two most commonly used methods for getting rid of lice. There are others, such as treatments with white vinegar, garlic paste and lemon juice, and oil, to name a few in case they sound more appealing to some people. Any of these methods should be efficient enough for the purpose of disposing of these pests.

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