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One of the most pleasant and tasty ways to accomplish this is to consume foods that contain many of the vitamins and minerals which are a key factor in fighting the aging process. Probably, the most pleasant way of consuming those vitamins and minerals is by consuming food that contains many of them. Food with brightly colors is the food that contains most of the anti-oxidants. It is a known fact that anti-oxidants have good anti-aging properties. Even though all the types of fruit have beneficial nutrition properties, several fruits will be the most beneficial because different amounts of nutrition will be found in different fruits.


Cherries, oranges, tangerines, blueberries, apples, cranberries, bananas, melons, plums, kiwi, berries, plums and mango would be a good choice to start with. Mixing complimentary aromas such as strawberry and banana, orange and pineapple, apple and cranberries and also mango, grape and kiwi are a good idea if you want to make a good juice.


Antioxidants are substances that can neutralize free radicals. Natural antioxidants are abundant in many vegetables such as green cabbage, red cabbage, broccoli, carrot and spinach. Spirulina, a blue-green alge is also an antioxidant rich plant. For people who don’t like the taste of some of these vegetables, it is a good idea to include them in the anti-age juice recipe. That way they can disguise the flavor.

Fibers and Supplements

For enough fiber in your diet, it would be smart to add flax, wheat germ, and nuts to your anti-aging juice recipe. Also, if you don’t like sensation that comes with taking your Niacin tablets (tingling and flushing sensation) you can mix Niacin into your juice. Actually, any supplement can be added to anti-aging juice recipe if you prefer taking your supplements that way.


Furthermore, you can spice up your juice with rosemary. Rosemary is considered as an “Herb of Memory” because it stimulates the nervous system and is beneficial for blood circulation. With stimulating these two, rosemary enhances concentration and memory. If the taste of juice is not important to you, you can put a bit of garlic into the recipe. Benefit of garlic is that it reduces a blood pressure, and it is also beneficial for the cardiovascular system. Seeing the anti-aging medicine expert would be a smart move if you want to get more information about this topic. This expert can advise you and help you determine which supplements you ought to take. These supplements can be also mixed with the other ingredients of your anti-aging formula.

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