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Emotionally Driven Human Beings

The title above describes us in thefullest. We are completely guided and influenced by differentfeelings and emotions throughout our existence. Thereby, during asingle day of our life we might happen to be happy if something goodhappens to us, irritated if we encounter problems, serous while weare working, sad if we get depressed or hurt etc. All in all, thereare countless emotions we are prone to, and they are all caused bydifferent factors. In the same way, different emotions are expressedin a different way. The same goes for mood swings and irritability.If you want to know more about these two parts of human behavior,perhaps the following lines might be of assistance.

Reasons behind Mood Swings andIrritability

Many times throughout our lives weenter phases where our hormones go wild. All people have theiradolescent periods for this, while women have their menstruation,menopause and pregnancy. During all these phases, we are likely to beprone to rapid mood changes and extreme irritability, both being someof the expected side effects of these periods.

There are less natural causes of moodswings and irritability as well. One of these is the bipolardisorder. This condition manifests through extreme mood swings,changing from depression to manic, hyperactive behavior, followed byaggressive outbursts into violent acts or bursting into tears at thesame time. People with this disorder need to be treated timely since,if bipolar disorder gets neglected, it can have permanentconsequences upon one's mental well-being and his/her social skills.

Many times have we heard that we arewhat we eat. This is true in this case as well because ourmalnutrition can and will cause mood swings and irritability. Ourbrain needs proper nutrients and balances between them. If it isdeprived of these factors, this is bound to reflect upon ourbehavior.

Next is stress, as one of the maincauses of mood swings and irritability. It might be triggered byinsomnia, personal problems and frustrations and many other things.At the same time, it can trigger different negative moods likeirritability, aggression, sadness, hostility, seclusion etc. Finally,alcohol and drug abusers may express these two emotional phenomenathrough their withdrawal symptoms.

What Can You Do?

For less serious cases, there are lessdemanding techniques of mood swing and irritability removal. Namely,you need to reorganize your life and lifestyle in order to ensureproper sleep, nutrition and physical exercise. This will remove anyirritability from your life and introduce balance into it, benefitingyour overall well-being. Moreover, you might indulge into differentstress release techniques like yoga and meditation. More seriouscases, like the above mentioned bipolar disorder, may demandprofessional help and adequate therapy with medications andpsychotherapy.

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