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Joint pain

There are many reasons for joint pain. It can be caused by trauma, where tissue of the joint is mechanically hurt. Joint pain can also be a symptom of certain medical conditions, such as osteoarthritis or rheumatoid arthritis, where cartilage is damaged through influence of various factors to a degree where any movement of joints is difficult and painful. Pain in some joints, such as knee joint, can be caused by prolonged stay in an unusual position, like in low stances in various martial arts, or by riding a bicycle in too high gear with too low cadence (number of crank revolutions per minute).

Beside drugs, various herbal remedies can be used to ease joint pain. Remember that you will probably never find an ideal, single natural remedy for joint pain. Some herbs might work for you in a certain degree, some might not. Best results will probably come from combination of various herbal supplements, and you will have to experiment to find the combination that works for you.

Herbs for joint pain

Amount of discomfort felt by joint pain can be reduced by multiple herbs. Many people all over the Asian continent have been using Ashwagandha, or Indian ginseng, a species of plant found exclusively in Asia, for a long time. This plant resolved health problems connected to rheumatism of people all over Asia. It is available as a supplement in the form of pills, and its chief property is in soothing inflammations. Multiple clinical trials have established that Shallaki is an excellent plant for treatment of pain caused by arthritis. Joint inflammations are common in people affected by arthritis, and ginger root is known to be effective in soothing these inflammations.

Dietary habits and changes

Joint pain can be caused by improper dietary habits, but can also be reduced with introduction of alterations in your diet. Various toxins can increase levels of pain felt in the joints, and omission of foods that cause presence of such toxins in your system can be helpful. Your body will cleanse of these toxins in time, and amount of pain that you feel will be reduced. Meat like pork and beef, dairy products, alcohol, and some citrus fruits are best avoided if you suffer from pain in the joints.

Other means

Epsom salt, a form of magnesium sulfate, acts anti-inflammatory and relieves pain caused by arthritis. Bathe in warm water solute of Epsom salt 15-20 minutes for two to three times every week.

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