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In order to treat problems of the bones such as rheumatism or arthritis, digestion and assimilation in the body need to be functioning as well, and so do the different aspects of elimination.

It is also the important to remember that different herbs can be used to treat different problems related to the bones and joints.

There are herbs that work as anti-inflammatory agents, some are rubifacients, diuretics, stimulants and even digestives.


There are many herbs available that are good at prevent and relieving bone pain and rheumatic problems. Some of the most popular ones include angelica, celery seed, black cohosh, dandelion, ragwort, blue flag, ginger, wild yam, bogbean, juniper, boneset, mustard, yarrow, nettle and yellow dock.

There are also alternative herbs that will clean and correct the conditions in the blood stream that may be causing the problems. They are called alternatives because scientists do not yet understand exactly how they work, but they do help with a range of conditions, rheumatism included.

Some of these alternatives that have proven to be good at general cleaning and revitalization include black cohosh, devil’s claw, bogbean, celery seed, and sarsaparilla.


There are some herbs that can be used in curing rheumatic and arthritic conditions that are caused by long-term inflammation of the joints.

They will reduce the inflammations and help the body get over problems instead of just stopping the inflammations temporarily.

A good example of such an herb is meadowsweet, because it is rich in natural, Aspirin-like substances that will help to get rid of the welling and pain in the bones.

It will also help to clean the body and clear up the root problems that are causing the inflammation, which usually results from toxins building up in the body.

Some of the moth effective anti-inflammatory herbs include black willow, meadowsweet, devil’s claw, white popular and wild yam.

Other types of herbs

There are also herbs available that will improve circulation in the body and improve the blood flow to the muscles and joints.

The cleansing happens without straining the heart, because the herbs stimulate peripheral circulation.

Some of the best herbs for improving blood flow in order to get rid of bone pains are cayenne, ginger, poke root, and rosemary.

Herbs such as guaiacum, Jamaican dogwood, and valerian can be used as pain relievers by people who have rheumatic problems and there are other herbs such as gentian, golden seal and wormwood that act as digestive tonics that will help the digestive process to work properly.

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