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Joint pain is the enemy of many, and, as researches and some doctors claim, even 85% of people will feel the pain in their joints sometimes during their course of life. The pain itself, being the best and the worst sign of something being wrong, may range from small, not so significant irritation in the joints, all the way to excruciating pain and discomfort disabling one to lead a normal life.

Causes and Manifestation

In most cases, the main reason behind the joint pain is an underlying condition. That is why it is of extreme importance to act timely, since by doing that one can prevent any serious conditions from developing.

One of the most wide-spread and common condition of the above mentioned is osteoarthritis. This diseases takes place when the cartilage in our joints gets damaged and gradually spend due to use over time. For this reason, mostly people over 40 years of age start suffering from this illness. The bones, having no cartilage, rub and grind against one another causing numerous side-effects such as swelling, pain and discomfort. Although this condition develops with age, obesity is known to speed up the process significantly.

Another, quite uneasy state of affairs, is that caused by rheumatoid arthritis. Namely, joints and their surroundings get inflamed. Pain, swelling and decay of the joints themselves take place as well. This condition is able to be transferred throughout the body causing more than one of our joints to be under inflammation.

With age comes the significant drop in kidney functionality. This makes our kidneys expel less and less substances from our body. When excessive amounts of uric acid get to our joints they are known to cause pain and inflammation, as well as redness and feeling of tenderness. Usually striking old people, especially their big toe, this condition is called gout. Also known to spread throughout the body, it should be dealt with timely.

Sometimes, however, the inflammation takes place around the joints rather than in the joints themselves. This condition is called bursitis and it often manifests itself through small bags of fluid located in the shoulder, knee, hip, or any joint area.

Finally, osteoporosis presents yet another illness, mostly connected to women after their menopause.

Treatment And Prevention

There are numerous drugs and injections which may ease the pain and remove any possible inflammations. Regardless, it is of the utmost importance that proper diagnosis is given first. That way, after your doctor is sure what the underlying condition is, he or she may suggest a proper treatment. Surgery, or lifestyle changes regarding exercises and modifications in one's nutrition are also the possible ways of joint pain prevention and therapy.

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