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Arthritis and methods of the treatment

Arthritis is a medical term for the inflammation of joints, or even one joint only, which results in restricted movement of the affected joint, as well as in pain, stiffness and sometimes swelling. There are many types of arthritis, so it is necessary to visit a doctor in order to determine the type that the patient suffers from, and various tests, including blood tests and X-rays, help in making the right diagnosis. The causes depend on the type of arthritis, as well as the rest of the symptoms.

As for the available methods of the treatment, which will be chosen and suggested to the patient also depends on the type of arthritis. Therapy with medications such as nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, corticosteroids, immunosuppressants, TNF-alpha inhibitors and others, is practically inevitable, while surgery is usually the last resort, suggested only in cases when medications or alternative methods of the treatment do not give any positive results and the disease keeps progressing and developing.

Herbs for the treatment of arthritis pain

Having in mind that the main symptoms of this disease are serious pain and stiffness of the joints, people usually try everything they can in order to relieve them. Sometimes, it is enough to change the lifestyle, which usually means that including some kind of exercise in everyday activities helps, while sometimes people turn to alternative methods of the treatment, which, in this case, mostly consists of the treatment with herbs and herbal preparations. Among the most helpful are thunder god vine, alfalfa, devil’s claw, nettle leaves, and cinnamon, but there is a number of other herbs which have also showed positive results in the treatment of the pain caused by arthritis.

The benefits of the root of thunder god vine have been known for ages from the Chinese medicine, while devil’s claw is helpful because of the ingredients that are believed to have anti-inflammatory characteristics. The leaves of the stinging nettle are also useful for their anti-inflammatory properties, and they can be used in the form of tea, or they can even be chewed. Cinnamon improves the flow of the blood, thus destroying the blockages if they exists, because they may be the cause of the swelling and pain. Alfalfa is helpful because of the significant amount of amino acids that it contains, so it is also beneficial in the treatment of pain. It is important to mention that oils made of the seeds of evening primrose, black currant and borage are also helpful with the pain caused by arthritis, but due to the possible side effects, it is necessary to check with the doctor first if these oils should be used.

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