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When talking about the painexperienced in the joints, it is important to say that there are many plants, thatcan eliminate or reduce this pain, and that one of the most effective ones isthe creosote bush. It can be found in Mexico and southeast part of America, andit is one of the best plants for fighting against the inflammation and pain. Manystudies and researches look for the best fighter against joint pain. This paincan be relieved with the medications available today, but while the chemicals fromthese medications will block enzymes and fight the inflammation, side effects willalso be possible. Arthritis is one of the most common joint pain conditions,which can be relieved with a use of certain herbs and plants.


Many studies have given us agreat number of herbs that we can use for joint pain, of which many wereused in the past. Some of them are boswellia, turmeric, ginger, devil's claw and whitewillow, and you can even buy some of them in the stores. We have mentioned anherb, not very popular and known, called creosote bush, which does wonders withjoint pain. If you use this herb, which has elements that fight the inflammationcausing enzymes, you will diminish the problem with no risks involved. Thisplant only needs to be applied on the inflamed area, and the problem will soonbe reduced. This herb can also help with cold sores and digestive problems,though in the more recent years, it has also been used for HIV, herpes, andcancer.

If you decide to give this herb atest, put a poultice, wet leaves, on the troubling location and bandage thearea. Remember that you will need whole leaves. This plant can easily be foundin desert areas, since it usually grows there. In some countries, fresh leavesare available in the surroundings or stores, but many people do not live insuch places and for those people there is a solution in the form of a spray.This spray is called Larrearx penetrating spray, and it has all the ingredientsand effects of the creosote bush leaves. The professional athletes have usedthis spray as well, and we have heard many great things from them about thisproduct, which is a reason more why we cannot do anything else but recommendthis spray for any joint inflammation problem that you may have.

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