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Health benefits of different teas

Health benefits of herbal and other teas have been known in ancient civilizations of the fare east for thousands of years. Those people who believed that various teas not only brings and maintains good health but they thought that teas also bring you joy and happiness, too.

Anti microbial qualities, heart diseases, cancer, diabetes, help with weight loss and cholesterol control are only some of health benefits of teas the West have discovered recently.

Doctors and researches in the West, after careful studies, recommend that drinking of teas, and having them instead of coffee, too. They claim that there is no downside at all to drinking teas. Although there is always a questions about how much tea, and how to properly prepare it, and a majority of nutritionists have spoken; any tea is a good tea.

There are many various kinds of teas, and we will try to mention some of them;

Tea aficionados recognize as a proper tea only when several kinds of teas such as white tea, black tea, green tea, put – erg tea and oolong tea. They all derived from the same plant, very common and native in India and China, called Camellia saneness. That plant contained lots of antioxidants, called flavonoids, which helps the body fight free radicals that can be lead to heart disease, cancer or clogged arteries.

Oolong tea Antioxidants from this type of tea have a low cholesterol impact and this tea is also good for weight loss.

Black tea this type of tea, made of fermented tea leaves has highest level of caffeine, and it is base for many popular tea mixtures. Studies shoe that this tea can prevent stokes and help them with cigarette smoke affected lungs.

Green tea this tea has high concentration of antioxidants, and which has many health benefits; this can help cure the cancer, unclog the arteries, lows your cholesterol, and many more.

White tea this tea has proven record in various studies of  most been potent anti cancer properties, compared to other teas.

Purer tea this particular type of tea is considered to be a black tea. It helps you with cholesterol control and also may help you to lose weight.

Herbal teas those teas are usually made from various mixtures of seeds, herbs, or roots of plants like jasmine, hibiscus, ginseng, Echinacea, chamomile, etc, and they are considered less antioxidant rich than normal teas.

Some of this herbal teas my prevent or help you with managing various disorders like diabetes, kidney and nerve damage, cold, cancer, high blood pressure etc.

There are also some instant teas on the market today, but they do not have any proper healing properties, due to artificial sweeteners and very low amount of real tea in them.

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