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People who have problems with obesity are trying to reduce weight in many ways. Although there are people who are not concerned much about their health even though it is obvious that obesity can cause some serious medical problems, especially if that condition has been extreme for a long time

Reducing weight

There is no simple way to reduce weight. Exercising and dieting are two basic things that should be done but also, supplements may be used. Actually, that could be the easiest way to reduce weight and there are some supplements that are really effective. One of those is green tea. Green tea and weight loss have been connected for a long time, although it is not certain what the exact mechanism is for the weight reduction .

Green tea

Green tea has been known for centuries as one of the healthiest drinks for human consumtion. Green tea is actually just one of the three teas that are made from the plant Camellia Sinensis. The others are black tea and oolong. The difference between these teas is in fermentation of tea laves. For creating green tea, fermentation is not done at all, oolong uses partial fermentation, while black tea uses a complete fermentation. This tells us that the most effective tea among these three is green tea. Its power is in the amount of antioxidants, which exceeds many other teas and other supplements. Antioxidants are a powerful tool for dealing with free radicals and other toxic substances. These substances are responsible for creating several problematic medical conditions, with cancer being the most dangerous. Antioxidants should also have a role in preventing atherosclerosis and in decreasing the high levels of cholesterol. Green tea can be used by diabetics for further control of the blood glucose level.

It is obvious that green tea has so many benefits that it should be used on an everyday basis, but that is not the only thing that should be done. There is a limit to green tea's powers and the rest should be done with the help of dieting and physical activity. Dieting means that 5 meals should be taken each day, with smaller amounts of food. Water should be taken as much as possible too. As for exercises, if possible, those should be performed each day, or at least couple of times in a week.

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