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Before getting to know how a person can treat an eye infection, he or she should first get to know what an eye infection actually is. Eye infection is a pretty common condition that is in most cases caused by bacteria or a virus. Out of all the possible eye infections, bacterial conjunctivitis is the most common. Apart from the conjunctivitis, blepharitis is also pretty common. People who do not know what blepharitis is should know that it is a chronic inflammation of the eyelid that is usually caused by an infection. Apart from these two infections, stye is also considered to be common. An eye infection usually occurs when the normal defenses of the eye are somehow endangered and compromised. There are various causes of an eye infection. People need to know that it can occur due to a trauma, surgery of the eye, wearing contact lenses, immune deficiencies and due to certain diseases. An infection of the eye can either be local or remote.


When conjunctivitis is considered, the most common symptoms are red and itchy eyes and a discharge liquid. The eyes will also look swollen. Eye discomfort, redness and tearing are the most common symptoms of blepharitis. Apart from these, a person may also experience burning, light sensitivity and itching. The most common symptoms of stye are a red end tender bump.

Who gets affected by an eye infection?

There are no rules when eye infections are considered and every person can get affected by it. Due to the fact that eye infection can become serious disorder, they are always treated aggressively. A person who has an eye surgery or suffers from a trauma to the eye has a greater chance of suffering from an eye infection.

Ways to avoid eye infections

Eye infections are mainly spread due to contact with eye drainage. A person can prevent that from happening by washing the hands before touching the eyes. Sharing the makeup should be avoided and not using it until the infection is completely gone is also important. The contact lenses should also not be used until the infection is entirely cured. A person who works with chemicals or in the wind, heat or cold should wear protective glasses.


In order to properly treat an infection an accurate diagnosis is essential. In case of conjunctivitis, a person may need to skip work or school due to the fact that it is highly contagious. The treatment usually involves anti-infective topical solution or ointment. Rubbing the eyes needs to be avoided during an infection. A person can apply warm compresses in order to soothe the symptoms. Warm compresses are used in the treatment of blepharitis as well.

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