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SoreThroat on One Side

Asore throat can be very uncomfortable and can cause considerable painif the symptoms worsen. A feeling of scratchiness can sometimes causea cough as well. A sore throat is generally the symptom of anotherdisease or condition such as colds or pharynx. The most common causeis strep throat, a condition whereby symptoms such as moderate tohigh fever or white areas in the throat are observed.

Tonsillitisis another major cause of a sore throat. Most of the time it issimply the tonsils that are inflamed and painful, but sometimes theinfection spreads to the sensitive flesh of the throat. When thishappens, it is known as a peritonsillar abscess, which is an ulcer onthe inside of the throat that can cause pain and difficulty inswallowing. Children are particularly susceptible to this.

Othercauses include bacterial infections, infection of the uvula,mononucleosis, diphtheria, chicken pox, measles or other viralinfections. A sore throat can also arise after drinking large amountsof very hot or cold drinks or alcohol or after shouting loudly orshouting for an extended period of time. Using the mouth to breathethrough for a long time can also irritate the throat tissues.

Sorethroats are often accompanied by other symptoms such as nausea andvomiting, mild to severe headaches, fever and painful tonsils. Insome cases, the pain will radiate to the inner ear and the lymphnodes in the neck may swell up too.


Inmost cases, a sore throat will disappear simultaneously or shortlyafter the infection that caused it has been cured. Paracetamol andibuprofen usually help to relieve the pain from the sore throat andother related symptoms. Certain non-prescription medication,especially those containing erothrymycin or penicillin, can helpsoothe a sore throat if the cause is a bacterial infection.

Sometimessore throats are caused by allergic reactions to airborne pollutantsor to animal hair or pollen. In this case anti-histamine tablets canrelieve any symptoms from the reaction. Harsh chemicals found incigarette smoke or in the fumes of home cleaning products can cause asore throat because they damage the sensitive tissues inside thethroat, so it is advised to avoid these substances when possible.

Apersistent sore throat that does not heal after normal treatmentshould be taken seriously, as it can be an indication of a moresevere underlying medical problem. If the sore throat lasts for morethan a week with no noticeable cause (such as an obvious cold orfever), it is recommended to consult a doctor for a precisediagnosis.

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