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Congestion of Throat

We will focus on the cause of this problem of throat congestion and also on several remedies that can eliminate it successfully. This problem is connected with the packed bronchial tubes, which are tightly packed along with the congestion. This creates very discomforting breathing problem and every breath seems to be a struggle, which can be a rather miserable situation to find yourself in. The name congestion is associated with the chest or lung congestion, while the name is generally associated with the sensation of breath shortness and breathing troubles.

Causes of Throat Congestion

There are several most common causes for throat congestion and among them are smoking, second hand smoke, air irritants, some chemicals, pollen, dust, viral infection or throat infection (such as measles or chicken pox), hard or big objects swallowing (usually occurs among children), respiratory or lung problems, heart conditions, strep throat, flue, cold, common cold, asthma, and severe bronchitis. As for the symptoms that are experienced during the throat congestion, people with this problem usually wake up during the night because of the palpitations, chest pain, breath shortness, irregular heartbeats and breathing problems in general. Also, the passages of the bronchi will be swollen and constricted. You will also experience windpipe burning sensation.

Some of the symptoms include throat pain, fever with chills, elevated mucus production, wheezing and dry cough, which are associated with the throat congestion caused by the asthma. Also, the problem will be accompanied with the phlegm and the color of this phlegm will depend on the severity of the congestion, varying from green to yellow. The problem of throat congestion is accompanied usually with swallowing troubles, runny nose, ear pain and dry cough. The problems considered the most common are the itchy and scratchy throat, along with the inflammation and swelling.


There are remedies that can ease the problems and maybe eliminate them. Be sure to cover the throat. You will surely feel better if you cover it with muffler or warm cloth. The medications are also given. The usual are antibiotics that will fight the infection. Bronchodilating inhalers are given for those with asthma. Remember to use all antibiotics, even if you are feeling better. The mucus in the throat, throat irritation and even congestion can be eliminated with the use of over-the-counter cough syrup. Probably the easiest way of eliminating the problem in question is visiting a steam bathroom and inhaling the steam through the nose and the mouth. Drink as plenty of fluids as you can. Drink coffee, tea or soups, lukewarm or hot, and it will decrease the mucus present. Try to cough in order to remove the mucus. Also, you can use nasal drops and gargling salt water. Gargling can prevent the throat congestion and infection.

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